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Activating CorelCAD on Windows

  • CorelCAD Activation
    CorelCAD can be activated as 30-day-trial version or as (permanent) licensed version.
    (CorelCAD NFR will be activated as 12-months licensed version)
    The steps to activate CorelCAD are as follows (regardless of activating a trial or licensed version):


    This is the default option. It will guide you through the activation of the program

    Enter License Key
    This option is rarely used. The user should use it if he received a License Key by e-mail.

    Select Activation method
    On the next screen, select whether you want to activate via Internet or via an Customer Service request. Choose the Customer Service request option if no Internet access is available.

    Activation via Internet
    This is the best choice. The product will be activated immediately without further interaction (only registration is offered)
    Activation via Customer Service request
    Choose this option if Online activation cannot be completed (i.e. because of Firewall issues).

    Note: You cannot continue product activation without entering a Product key (serial no.).
    If no product key is available you have to cancel product activation and get a product key from Corel.

    Online Activation
    If the product key is valid, the Corel Registration page opens in your default web browser:
    At the same time the activation process continues:

    For a full version, the Product Activation dialog box appears for the last time.

    For a 30-day-trial version, the Product Activation dialog box does not open at application start.
    To view the time remaining, select Activate... from the Help menu inside CorelCAD.

    Customer Service Activation
    In some cases, Internet activation may fail because of network/ Internet access restrictions.
    In that case, choose Customer Service request in the Activation dialog to activate CorelCAD.
    Activation through Customer Service request also requires that you have obtained and enter a Product Key for a trial or licensed version.
    Enter the product key in the input field:
    On the next screen you will then find the information you need to transmit Corel Corp. to receive a license key to activate the program.

    Click Send.

    Paste the information into the Submit a Question form.

    Once you received the License Key, copy it from the e-mail you received and paste it into the text field of the Register Copy dialog box in CorelCAD.

    Click Activate.
    If Product Activation was successful, you receive the following message in the dialog box below the Activate button.

    Click Done.
    This terminates product activation.

    In the next dialog box, click Run to start CorelCAD.

    To see a version of this article with screenshots, please click on the download link at the end.


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